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Telugu professors forced to teach English & Computers to ISIS

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The two Telugu professors who had been abducted by ISIS are reportedly being forced to teach the fighters at Sirte province in Libya.While assistant professor Ch Balram is teaching English, his colleague Mr Gopi Krishna is teaching Computers. Information received by the Indian Embassy in Tripoli and the Sirte University, where the duo worked, states that ISIS is utilising the ‘services’ of the professors to improve their language and computer skills.

Mr Balram’s wife Ms Ch Sridevi has been informed by embassy officials about the matter. The two hostages who had been released last August, Mr Vijay Kumar and Mr Ramakrishna, had revealed that the ISIS fighters respected them ‘because they were teachers’.According to reports, the ISIS militants have established a parallel government in Sirte and they are expanding to other areas. They are also using the skills of various people like nurses and teachers, who were taken hostages before Mr Balram.


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