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‘Terror’, big game changer for Sri Kanth

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“Seventeen films happened to me after Mahatma.  Terror is the 18th one.  It’s a great morale booster that the film has turned out to be a big hit,” says Srikanth. What made him accept Terror, a cop film, a genre that is not everybody’s cup of tea?  To be sure, Satish Kasetty had no mainstream hit to his credit.  “Satish Kasetty garu was the reason why I agreed to do the film.  It reminded me of the characterization in Khadgam.  It’s difficult for an artist to judge a film of this genre.  I later enquired about his style of working and whoever I asked about him told me that he was a very good technician,” says Srikanth.

The film’s gripping sub-plots and human emotions struck the right chord with the actor.  “I liked the elements like the frustration of a son, who is disowned by his father.  Many had been telling me that I should do a film like Khadgam, but I didn’t find a good subject.  I found Kasetty garu’s screenplay to be very tight.  He had met with many police officers to know about the modus operandi employed by terrorists,” says Srikanth, who has entered his 25th year of being in the industry.

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