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Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review & Rating

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“Thanu Vachenanta” Review & Rating| Story, Public Talk|1st Day Collections
Thanu Vachenanta Review & Rating| Story, Public Talk|1st Day Collections


Tollywood as some very interesting films are being made off late. It is already known that Rashmi Gautam is currently acting in a zomedy titled Thanu Vachenanta.

Rashmi is trying to test her luck once again with Thanu Vachenanta with certainly an interesting story plot. As the makers claimed, the film is a comedy, which means a zombie comedy, where zombies take the centre stage and comedy is derived through the lead actors’ efforts to escape from them.

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Cast & Crew:

Director: Venkat Kacharla
Produced by:  Chandra Sekhar Azad Pati Bandla
Genre:  Zombie Drama
Music:  Ravi Chandra
Starring:  Rashmi Gautam, Dhanya Balakrishna,Teja Kakumanu, Chalaki Chanti
Banner:  Sri Atchyutha Arts
Language:  Telugu

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Story Line: 

Teja (Teja Kakumanu), a happy-go-lucky young man attempts suicide under mysterious circumstances but ends up in vain due to his friend Chanti (Chalaki Chanti). Explaining the tragic story behind his suicide attempt to Chanti, Teja discloses about his girl friend Swetha (Dhanya Balakrishna), wife Shruti (Rashmi Gautam) and his dreadful equation between them. In an attempt to resolve Teja’s problem, Chanti ends up buying more. A series of miraculous circumstances lead to a major ‘zombie’ twist in the story.

What are Teja’s problems with Swetha & Shruti and how did he & Chanti get rid of the zombies forms the rest of the story.

Rashmi Gautam and Dhanya Balakrishna’s Thanu Vachenanta Movie Promotion



Rashmi: This hot and happening TV host and actress is mixing her moves and Tanu Vachenanta is yet another interesting move. What a cool, gorgeous ‘zombie’ she was who can give chills to the faint-hearted as well.

Dhanya Balakrishna: From supporting to lead roles, Dhanya has perched up the table really well and Tanu Vachenanta is yet another significant performance from her.

Teja Kakumanu: Now this is a big leap for the young talent. Popular for his Sakethudu role in Baahubali, Teja Kakumanu is set out to announce himself with Tanu Vachenanta.

Chalaki Chanti: Not just playing the lead role in the film, this popular comedian spearheading the comedy department. His scenes with Rashmi are worth mentioning.

Sivannarayana, Fish Venkat, Bhargav and others make a key contribution to this comedy drama.


Zombies are in a way aliens to us, atleast to our Indian cinegoers. On top of it, not many zombie films could find a proper footing in our Indian cinema. At this juncture, Tanu Vachenanta is a different zombie comedy to watch out for.

With its share of loop holes, Tanu Vachenanta manages to engage you after a slow start. Director Venkat’s intentions of entertaining were pretty clear right from the beginning. He gives a lighter-vein treatment to a zombie film with major focus on comedy. Chalaki Chanti, Rashmi, Fish Venkat, Sivannaraya meet up to the needs of the script in terms of entertainment. While dialogues like “Abbailaki Pelli Ammyilaki Delhi anth safe kadu” with a rhyme and punch strike here and there.

Engaging performances, full-too comedy, visuals, score and its share of loopholes, Tanu Vachenanta manages to be a timepass entertainer.

Plus Points:

Comedy of Chanti, Rashmi & others
Dialogues & Dhanya Balakrishna Performance
Camera work
Interesting story line

Minus Points:

Slow here and there
Away from logics


Though not a comeback stuff, Sasi Preetham’s music meets the needs of the script. And the background score goes in sync with the mood and feel of the film.


The production values are good.


Beyond a horror or thriller, Thanu Vachenanta is a light-hearted zombie comedy that you can try out this weekend especially for Rashmi, Chanti & the timepass comedy. Rating:  3.5/5

Reviewed by:  MovieMint Team


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