The hotel where people check-in to die

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Moksha is the Hindu concept of liberation from the trials and tribulations of life. It is when you give up all materialistic pleasures and become one with your self or the Atman. Though moksha or true liberation can be attained even while living, it is belived that attaining moksha on your death-bed frees you from the cycle of life-and-death and your soul is free ever-after.

Many Indians go to different extremes for their Moksha. A dip in the Ganges to wash off your sins is the most popular concept but holy cities in India like Varanasi are filled with devouts asking priests to liberate them. And this one house or hostel: aptly named Mukti Bhavan – gives people just that. Liberation from their life and a promise of Moksha.

Mukti Bhavan has 12 rooms with a small temple and priest and all facilities for the guests. There are a lot of old people who visit the hostel and stay here. The hostel manager Bhairav Nath Shukla has been in-charge and praying for the salvation of these dying souls for the past 44 years. He lives with his family in the same compound and his family members are used to people dying in their hostel.

Take a look at some of the pictures from inside Mukti Bhavan of people waiting to attain their liberation

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