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The Jodhpur Boom ( Sonic Boom)

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A mysterious deafening sound heard at 11.25 am in Jodhpur on Monday, 17th December 2012 and sent panic waves among the residents. The incident prompted people to enquire from the control room about any explosion. Initially, the rumours spread about a “sonic boom” or an ammunition accident in army area but defence persons denied it.Sonic booms are not permitted in populated areas in India.

As per rules, no sonic boom should take place in township areas. It can happen beyond 60 km from town areas when an aircraft carries out a test flight. According to Colonel Goswami, such explosion in township area can lead damage to properties like crumbling of window panels and etc.

The weirdest part is, the entire month was littered with strange, unexplained booms all over the world right from United Kingdom to Texas,USA. These bangs were witnessed over the course of several weeks and sometimes they were accompanied with strange green light.

Somehow, were these strange sounds all over the world were connected ??? What was it ??? Was it some strange new weapon, or an alien attack, or maybe even a mere coincidence? Perhaps one day, we’ll know the truth.

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