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The new trending style in Heroines. Hot or Not?

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Heroines doing different colors and styles
Heroines doing different colors and styles

Heroines got all the attention. They celebrate life and that is why they are called celebrities. As a famous quote say, ‘they are famous not because of their job. Being famous is part of their job’. A new style trend is being spread in Bollywood these days. You know what it is? Hair coloring..

Let us look at some unusual (weird sometimes) hair trends the heroines are following these days.

Sunny Leone in Splitsvilla
Sunny Leone


Sunny Leone got pink highlights..

Sunny Leone has a tendency to surprise everyone with her style sense every now and then. While shooting for Splitsvilla in Pondicherry, one day she did these pink highlights over partly blonde hair. Which came as a shock to everyone for a moment, later realizing it’s a temporary dye made it easy.






Katrina in 'Fitoor'
Katrina in ‘Fitoor’




Katrina’s Merida style..

Katrina never usually goes out of box styling. She’d rather keep it simple and does what means to the business. But for her film, ‘Fitoor’, she has done a great job with her hair. She colored it red. She looked amazing though.





Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma




Adah’s red ombré came as shock..

I guess it was for IIFA 2016, a lot of heroines shocked us with different styles. The new comer Adah (by then) didn’t get lost in the flow. She managed to shock us, in fact chock us. You remember her half red and half black ombré hair!





Sunny Leone on FHM cover
Sunny Leone on FHM cover




When Sunny went Blonde.

Sunny is effortlessly sexy. Imagine her with blonde bob cut.. Oozing, isn’t it? She did that look for a Fashion Magazine’s cover page shoot. Look at those hot looks.






Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu




Tapsee Pannu made it purple.

This cute actress went to Goa for a vacation recently. Lookslike that breeze is still around her. One morning she got up and decided that hair is gonna be purple. And that’s all her wish came true and her hair is purple. How did you like it?



Who is your favorite so far? Does it remind you any other heroine’s hair color in recent times? Share it with us.