The ‘Slap’ Complaint on Suriya has been Withdrawn

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Slap,  Complaint on Suriya has been Withdrawn
Slap, Complaint on Suriya has been Withdrawn

Finally Suriya came out of his first ever controversy of his life way before it becomes dirty. In fact he did nothing to get it cleared. The guy who gave complaint took it back, that is all.

Prem Kumar who blamed Suriya saying the star slapped him on road without his mistake, went to the nearby police station and filed a complaint against him. He mentioned that he was not harassing the woman. He was just talking to her regarding an accident that happened as his friend couldn’t control the bike.

Now suddenly Prem Kumar approached Sashtri Nagar Police Station, where he lodged the complaint and took it back. We didn’t get the reason behind it yet. Whatever made him withdraw the complaint, it just made Suriya to get out of the issue without making it worse.

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