The Unstoppable Lucky Raai

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raai laxmi

Raai Laxmi who is doing good with series of hits this year and she is now considered as a top contestant to give tough fight to the current leading heroines. Starting from Irumba Kuthirai to Aranmanai she evolved as a thunder with glorying success in the span of 2 Months. Her popularity was doubled in recent times,  with  her dedication and  effective hard work in recent films made her to reach vast number of audience in lesser time.

Her presence in the movie is asset for the collections where fans are showing lot’s of interest towards this beauty doll’s outstanding performances with good glamour quotient from her side. Raai Laxmi is a sensation in Social media which  includes Facebook and Twitter. Her fans were celebrating movie releases as a festival in Face book and sharing it towards Raai laxmi to elevate their obsession.

Raai laxmi’s presence in promotions leading the movie in to a stupendous release which  are dragging lot’s of audience to watch particular film.   Raai Laxmi has been a part of the success of her recent releases like Rajadhi Raja and Aranmanai by not only just acting but also making a buzz of them in her social media websites to get connected with her fans frequently. Social Platforms can do alot of wonders and if one knows how to make use of them properly then there is a goal for them. Well, this is what we call a complete dedication that one would definitely possess to shine up in this Glam world to be a Super star. Kudos to Raai Laxmi for her super growth and we wish all the very success  ahead.



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