These Ramadan Videos by some Retails Brands are Heart Warming

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Ramadan is the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar. It is a period of prayer, fasting, charity-giving and self-accountability for Muslims all over the world. Fasting for Ramadan is five fundamental religious duties of a Muslim. It is considered to be done for self-examination and to increase religious devotion and meditation. The fast is usually broken with prayer and a meal called the Iftar after sunset.

In a country like India land of spirituality and philosophy, every religion gets it’s own respect and this Muslim Festival is a Gazetted Holiday. Just like for any other festival, a lot of Retail Brands do promote their products and try every way to improve their sales. But there are some of them who is more interested in spreading the real meaning of the festival.. We came across some of such videos and presenting them to you here..

This Video by BigBazaar the leading household retail chain is winning hearts. It is about a female doctor who takes her responsibility first and the favored family shows their thankfulness by arranging her Iftar treat in their own little cute way!

This is all the way from Pakistan. When a usual father who is being stereotyped about his daughter playing professional cricket, realizes that she is passionate about it and feels proud upon her victory! Caution: This might get tears rolling down your cheeks unknowingly! He Ad is made by Q-Mobiles.

The SurfExcel Ad is our favorite just like many other! Usually kids love when they wear new cloths for festivals. But it takes a golden heart for a kid to let it get spoiled while helping someone. The love the mom in this video too!

We loved them! Hope you did too! May Allah bless you with peace and grace. Tell us what Ramadan is to you. Let us know in the comments below.

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