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This Hero was the Dupe for Nagarjuna in ‘Hello Brother’

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Nagarjuna in 'Hello Brother'
Nagarjuna in ‘Hello Brother’

Now the heroes are being mass-produced by the star hero or producer families, but most of the yesteryear heroes worked very hard and did every given role to sustain in the industry. Do you believe if I tell you a lot of the senior actors were once dupes and extra artists (Junior Artists)? But it is true. Not only before becoming lead actors, some of them used to do it even after being called as Hero. Lack of opportunities could be the reason, or to keep themselves visible to the film makers and producers or may be to maintain good conduct remarks with the directors.

Now, one such obligation made this hero work as dupe for Nagarjuna’s ever green dual role film ‘Hello Brother’. You know who was that?


Our very own Srikanth. Those were the days Srikanth was becoming popular as family hero and director EVV Satyanarayana asked him to do this favor. With due respect towards the director and the friendship with Akkineni hero, Srikanth did act as dupe for a lot of portion in ‘Hello Brother’.

Even today we see heroes supporting each other with cameo entries and voice-overs for their films. Those are good strings.