This Senior Choreographer Says his Son’s Wife is Harassing him

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Senior Choreographer Says his Son’s Wife is Harassing him
Senior Choreographer Says his Son’s Wife is Harassing him

Choreographer Shivasankar Prasad is into film industry for over four decades. He worked for a lot of films in many languages. He is well known through his work in films, stage shows and TV dance shows. He is basically a Chennai resident. Now he has a case registered on him by none other than his daughter-in-law and he claims that it’s a false allegation.

Getting into the details, Shivashankar’s son Vijayakrishna Prasad got married to Jyothi in 2013. With some internal marital issues, they got separated within few months. Jyothi went back to Bangalore and staying with her parents. Later she filed a case against Shivashankar and his son that they’ve been torturing her for more dowries. She even sat down for a protest in front of his house. She mentioned that Shivashankar’s family has been torturing her and asking her to get money from her parents.

But according to the choreographer, Jyothi and her family is trying to get him onto the road and doing false allegations on his. He said they sat down in front of his house asking for 10 crores to stop making it an issue. He even mentioned the couple took divorce long back and he never asked her for any dowry. Shivashankar was hiding himself for a few days to avoid the trauma.

He is now requesting Tamilnadu CM Jaya Lalita to help him. He said if she doesn’t get him out of this problem he has no other option left but committing suicide. Investigation is going on.

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