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‘Thithi’ looks like winning hearts

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Any debut director wants to start his list with a star hero or any well-known actor in the cast, at least for the first movie. But the new Kannada director Ram Reddy goes totally opposite to that belief. His debut Kanna film, ‘Thithi’ was a remarkable hit in international film fest and won good number of awards and appreciations.
Thought it’s been a year that the film has been premiered in Locarno, the theatrical release took place on 6th May all over Karnataka. It’s a dramatic comedy revolves around three generations of sons in a family and how they react over death of the oldest in their clan. None of the artists are known, neither experienced. And most importantly, there are no songs, not even background score. Like literally no Music composer in the credits. Ram Reddy has done some noticeably amazing work to pull the whole concept and created a lot of fun within that plot.