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Tiruvayyavur Locals Protest Against ‘Rekka’ Shoot

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Tiruvayyavur Locals Protest Against ‘Rekka’ Shoot
Tiruvayyavur Locals Protest Against ‘Rekka’ Shoot

Vijay Sethupathi and Lakshmi Menon’s ‘Rekka’ is shooting in Thiruvaiyaru Temple. While the shoot is going on, the locals have started protest against it and demanded it to stop immediately. Getting into details, Rathina Shiva directorial is being shot in streets near Thiruvaiyaru Temple Pushpa Mandap.All the vehicles related to the shoot are parked in the streets around the location.

It has been a problem for the locals to commute and even to come out of houses. While this is going on, one of the local residents Manikantan (As per the sources) asked a vehicle driver to move it from his main gate. The driver said to be denied to do so and answered him back harsh. This lead to the local people gets madder at the whole shoot scenario.

They decided to sit down and start protest against it. The Local police responded immediately and took a written complaint against the driver. Is the shoot permission is going to get cancelled? Or the team is going to fine alternatives, this shall be known in a while.

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