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Title of Ajith’s 56th movie

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Ajith’s new project with director Siruthai Siva has already been started and is coming to the end of its completion. With this movie, Ajith will be completing 56 films in Tamil. The shooting is going on in full swing and will be completed by the end of this month.The title of the movie which is produced by A.M.Ratnam has not been finalized yet.However the temporary title of the movie is “Thala 56.”

It was earlier announced that the title of the movie was “Varam” but the crew of the film felt that the movie deserved a much better title due to which it was dropped.

From the sources, its been revealed that the creative team managed by the director considered the title “Vetti Vilas” because it very much suites the script. The word Vetti means useless but then the team feels that it has a very close connection with the story line and audience will be able to connect with the title and the movie easily.

Lets wait and watch for the team to finalize the title  and make an official announcement of this much awaited film of the year.

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