Traffic Cop Kidnapped By Four Men

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The four men were returning from Ekvira temple near Lonavla in their Innova (MH 05 9994) when their car had a collision with a WagonR near A1 Chowk. What started as a spat between the four men in the Innova and the occupants of the WagonR soon escalated into an exchange of expletives.

That’s when traffic constable Samil Prakash, who had been posted on duty near the junction, intervened. He insisted that the two warring parties accompany him to Lonavla city police station. Constable Prakash himself hopped into the Innova with the four men to reach the police station.

Assistant police inspector Mohan Chalke of highway traffic (Lonavla) said that it was only when the car was nearing Khandala that they stopped for a fleeting moment. “They pushed Prakash out of the car,” he said.


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