Transgender modelling agency to be started in Delhi – Movie Mint

Transgender modelling agency to be started in Delhi

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With Transgender Model Agency all set to open here soon, the community is looking forward to a new lease of life.The agency, which is the brain child of Rudrani Chettri, a Delhi-based transgender activist and head of Mitr Trust, would be launched with photographer Rishi Raj in charge of the photo operations.Ms Chettri says the idea behind opening up a model agency comes from the feeling of ‘frustration’ which she and other transgenders had to face.

“The idea came out of a feeling of frustration as I saw many young beautiful transgenders who are made to feel ugly from a young age. I was one of them,” says Ms Chettri. Eminent fashion stylist and photographer, Rishi Raj aims to get a prominent coverage to the soon-to-be-launched agency in a leading fashion magazine.


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