Tripura – Horror Has a New Meaning

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Last week’s release, Tripura got mixed review from the critics  but strangely enough audience lapped up the edge of the seat horror thriller.

Billed as a revolving door thriller of a main lead who sees psychic dreams, director Raj Kiran spun together a riveting story with breathless series of events and situations. It was Swathi, who then, upped the ante of the film with her performance. Swathi came out of her skin  and gave a superlative performance. You cannot think of any other actor who could better translated the smoothness of the screenplay to the screen with ease the way she did. A performance that’s dripping with heart and soul.

What works in favour of the move is the true-to-its-genre storytelling, the comedy that synced well with the narrative, nothing looked forced. From the first frame the happenings grip you. For once, as an audience you wonde,r what if your dreams come true. Precognitive dreams – however, for all its fantastical nature, it yet to have science backed evidence but many psychic phenomena argue that precognition is a real phenomenon. Similarly, Tripura the movie acquires a throb of mystery that cannot be explained by mere plot.

Naveen Chandra has given an act that’s like coming-of-age as far as his performance goes, particularly his acting chops in the second half. Tripura as a movie is a startlingly fresh concoction that re-imagines our emotions.  It is pure gumption and belief in the concept from the team of Tripura to come with this kind of an offering to the audience. Go watch it, if you haven’t yet. It’s a fun horror adventure for the fans of this genre.

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