TV Actor’s Wife Caught Him In Bed With Heroine

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Extramarital affairs and casual flings are nothing new in Bollywood. Often, B-town stars make headlines when their secret affairs are exposed by the media. But what the wife of a noted Bollywood actor did has shocked not just Bollywood but also the paparazzi.

A popular actor, who has a few well known Bollywood films and TV serials to his credit, was on an outdoor shoot at a hill station for his upcoming film. Apparently, the actor has been in a passionate fling with his co-actress, who is a popular face in the world of advertising and Bollywood, for quite some time.

The actor has been shooting for a new film in the scenic hill stations along with a pretty co-star, for the past three months. The actor’s wife was suspicious that the two were more than just friendly co-stars. The actor’s wife decided to pay him a visit on location as rumours of this affair grew stronger and much to her surprise she found her husband with the actress in vanity van in compromising position. A loud showdown ensued, and the married couple has obviously decided to call it quits. The  Bollywood actor is well known in both television and movies industry

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