Two Friends Disappointed

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Tollywood two senior directors, Sreenu Vaitla and VV Vinayak. Their Bruce Lee and Akhil disappointed audiences like never before, because of the fact that the films haven’t stood up to their calibre. These two directors carved a niche for themselves with their trademark story telling which is majorly entertainment centric.
Everybody know that Tollywood Directors Sreenu Vaitla and Vinayak are thick friends, hailing from same village and address each other as ‘baava‘. It’s surprising that both have disappointed at the same time, but that doesn’t them their time has expired. Cinema analysts feel that the pressure to deliver 50+ crore hits is taking toll on both these directors. Otherwise if they make film as per their natural flow with limited budgets and less grandeur, definitely their films click big time.
Vinayak and Vaitla have this record of picking up no-where-on-the-block kind of heroes and delivering blockbusters.

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