Tyson owns some ridiculously expensive things

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Tyson owns some ridiculously expensive things

What comes across your mind when you think of Mike Tyson? Knock outs in no time? Heavy Weight Championships? Rape conviction? 50 year old Baddest man?

But there are few things he own and I bet they won’t let you sleep for a week. If not for the uniqueness but definitely for the big bucks he spent on them.

3 White Bengal Tigers

What is the most exotic pet you have ever owned? Macaw Parrots or spider or some monkeys probably! But Iron Mike owns three white Bengal tigers for himself. He spent $70,000 on each one of them. That’s not all, he spent over $2,00,000 on their food per year and hired an animal trainer for $1,25,000 to take care of them. Though they were confiscated by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in 2010 but Tyson still holds the record of owning Bengal tigers as pets. He played with them and even lost his tooth in a pet fight with a tiger. I will tell you that in detail.

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Golden Teeth

Everyone noticed his Golden teeth and not so surprisingly no one dared to ask him what happened to his natural teeth. His third wife KiKi revealed it in one of her interviews to Las Vegas Review-Journal. She said he lost his front tooth while he was playing with his pet Tiger, Kenya. According to Kiki’s interview, Kenya head-butted him then he got his tooth replaced with original-looking tooth. Then he had got gold caps on them.

Golden Bath Tub

An international Boxing champion gets married to a famous film star, what could be the most lavish gift he can wrap for her? I don’t know what was the minute this idea stroked his head, he gifted a solid golden Bath tub to his first wife, Robin Givens as a Christmas Gift. Though that was the first and last Christmas they’ve spent together as man and spouse, he had to lighten his purse for not less than $2.3 million dollars. That wedding didn’t exist for more than an year and he faced the consequences for more than that. Anyway recently in 2013, Derwood Hodgegrassa Southampton Billionaire dropped $1.2 million on Tyson‘s Golden bathtub and owned it.

Luxury Cars

Mike owns a 420-horsepower Bentley Continental SC that was specially made for him, equipped with a n in-built phone, lamb’s wool rugs, and a removable glass roof. Not so surprisingly he spent $500000 on that machine. It is one of the 73 Bentleys that were built of it’s kind. He even bought another Bentley Continental T but later sold it off. Altogether, he blew out over $4.5 million on Cars alone. His Ohio mansion saw a lot of Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis in it’s parking. He even has a 1995 Rolls Royce, a Range Rover, and a Mercedes Benz 500 in his collection that is in Ohio Mansion. He own 110 cars in his life time so far in both ways of buying or being gifted by others.

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