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UFO Base in Kongka La Pass, Aksai Chin, Ladakh

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UFO Base in Kongka La Pass, Aksai Chin, LadakhThe Kongka La pass is in the Himalayas. It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh.The Chinese held northeastern part is known as Aksai Chin and Indian South West is known as Ladakh. Indian and Chinese armies fought major war in 1962 in this area.

The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh area is one of the least accessible places in the world. The area is more or less a no man’s land. Both countries keep an eye of it, but neither patrols it or occupies it.

According to many tourists, Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, the Indian Army and the Chinese Military maintain the line of control. But there is something much more serious happening in this area. Many travellers and residents of nearby areas have claimed that UFOs are a common sight in this area, rising from their underground lairs and descending back once they’ve done whatever it is UFOs go out to do.People say both Chinese and Indian governments are very aware of what’s going on and may even be cooperating with the extraterrestrials said to pilot the mysterious airships.

This theory is given credence by the fact that in June of 2006, satellite imagery on Google Earth revealed a 1:500 scale detailed terrain model of the area in question on the Chinese side of the border. This model was surrounded by buildings resembling a military facility. Aksai Chin is a region where Eurasian and Indian plates have created convergent plate boundaries where one plate dives under the other and thus it is one of the few areas in the world where the depth of crust is twice as much as in the other places.

According to them the extra-terrestrial presence is well known and is in deep into the ground.They believe neither the Indian or Chinese Governments do not want to expose the fact for some reason. When they bring up this matter to local Governments, they are told to keep quiet and forget the same.

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