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UK to make Modi’s trip ‘unforgetable’

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The United Kindom is getting all prepped up to give the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi an ‘unforgettable’ welcome. He will be visiting UK in November before the G20 summit to most likely discuss on financial investments in India. According to sources, UK wants to grab the attention of Modi as he has already succeeded in luring the world’s engrossment in India.

Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India had recently met some of the high ranking officials from UK to work out on the proposals that are beneficial for both the countries.Most importantly, cooperation for providing funds for a make over and improvement of Indian railway will be announced during Modi’s visit to UK.

Modi may also meet the Queen of United Kingdom for lunch during his trip to UK and also might address 80,000 people in a gathering. The main concern however for the UK is that the Indian student population has subsequently fallen during the last few years. So UK is keen on regaining its position as a preferred educational as well as tourist destination.


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