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Uppendra upset with Aamir Khan

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Real Star Upendra is upset with Aamir Khan. The Bollywood star is in the limelight for making controversial comments on growing intolerance in the country. The PK actor has continued to tell that, “His wife Kiran Rao has told to him to move out from India”.Upset with Aamir Khan’s comments, Upendra has took to his official Twitter account and he has Tweeted that, ” Dear @aamir_khan, you were one of the heroes whom I admired, if there is any intolerance as a hero you need to stand-up and try resolve it”. The Uppi 2 actor has also said that, ” But if you runaway from it then you will be known as a coward, regret to say @aamir_khan, you are no longer a hero for me n many other fans”.


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