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Uppi 2- A sensational hit

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Uppendra’s new movie Uppi 2 that was released yesterday has already collected 6 to 7 crores. It had the biggest openings all across India and oversees. The movie has been released in more than 650 theaters.

The movie has attracted and dragged huge crowd of audiences to the theaters as the movie has been fueling high expectations  before the release of the movie with its topsy -turvy posters, songs, teasers and posters.

Living happily in the present for a good future is the message that the movie sends across to the audience that sets Upendra apart from the rest of the directors in Kannada as no one in the industry has ventured to do such a movie with this concept. Cureently the movie is drawing houseful collections all across. Stay tuned here for more details and box office reports for Uppi 2.


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