Uppi 2 actress born in Russia; Studied in Melbourne

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The upcoming actress in Uppi 2 had a great journey from where she started and ended up today as a leading lady in one of the most awaited movies of the year in Kannada. Kristina Akheeva was born in Russia, studied in Australia and now acting in India.

She learnt acting , studied TV and media in Melbourne, Australia. From there she got into modelling and traveled across the world. Finally she ended up as an actress in India as an  for the movie Yamala Pagala Deewana 2. Then she did a movie in Telugu called Gaalipatnam and now finally in Uppi 2.

This multi talented uptown girl has got a great future ahead of her. She is all excited about this mega project in Kanada. Keeping her fingers crossed, she is all set to make a debut in the Sandalwood industry.


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