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Uriyadi Disappoints Tamil Audience

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Uriyadi Tamil Movie Disappoints Tamil Audience
Uriyadi Tamil Movie Disappoints Tamil Audience

Too much violence and unimpressive acting of actors made the film unbearably boring. Vijay Kumar wrote this story to revolve around the political situations around a small town. Vijay Kumar,Chandru, Jeyakanth and Sivaperumal are four collage students. They enjoy their days with booze and gatherings at a nearby Dhaba. While this is going on, the Dhaba owner uses his evil brain to create caste war for his political benefits. Hoe did it change the students life is the rest of the story.

Vijay Kumar should’ve stick to either direction or acting. Looks like he didn’t do justice for either of them. Even if you enjoy action and violence in films, you can’t enjoy this over-dosed violence. Too much violence, unimpressive performances and amateurish scripting as well as editing ruin the case for Uriyadi.

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