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US asks Uzbekistan to fight against Islam State

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On Thursday, a US official reported that United States Of America has asked Uzbekistan to join the confederacy against the Islamic State. Daniel Rosenblum, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for Central Asia, told reporters that a choice can be made by the country as to how and in what ways it can lend its support to the war against Islamic State. The alliance has a military component and 5 to 6 other ways of effort according to Rosenblum.

Uzbekistan has a total population of 31 million people and mostly consists of Muslims. Moreover, the country has been a NATO partner and aided during the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Islam Karimov, the current president of Uzbekistan has faced many a criticism by other governments and human rights organizations for quelling protest.However officials claim that they need to take a stern position in order to control and prevent the militants like ISIS from attacking  civilians and countries.


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