Vaishakham is the first Tollywood film to Shoot in Kazakhstan: B Jaya

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Vaishakham is the first Telugu film to Shoot in Kazakhstan
Vaishakham is the first Telugu film to Shoot in Kazakhstan

B Jaya is one of the female directors in India who is constantly doing films. Here next film ‘Vaishakham’ is wrapping up faster and the film crew recently completed their Kazakhstan tour after shooting 2 songs in 15 days schedule. Talking about their tour B Jaya said,

I started this film as a small one, but once shooting started, it became big. In my earlier films, especially Lovely, the songs had been appreciated by everyone. I wanted the songs in this film to be even more beautiful, so I chose Kazakhstan. I could have gone for regular locales like Spain, Switzerland, Bangkok or some other place, but I wanted to show something new. Though it was very difficult, in the end we came up with very good visuals

She said the Indian Embassy and Local Government were very helpful and supportive during the shoot and she said they were even shooting at the border area.

Avantika is a model turned actress from Mumbai. After Maya and Maku Meme Meeku Meere, it’s her third film in Telugu. Hari is playing lead opposite to her. Jaya’s husband B A Raju is producing this film.

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