Varun Tej’s ‘Rayabhari’ has been halted at the moment – Movie Mint

Varun Tej’s ‘Rayabhari’ has been halted at the moment

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The filming of Rayabhari as per the script, must be shot in various foreign locations, some of them in difficult terrain.  Recently, we reported that Krish’s assitants, including the cinematographer, went to Georgia to scour for locations.However, it has been learnt that this Varun Tej film will not go on the floors in March as planned.

The reason hasn’t been disclosed officially.  However, it is learnt that it has got to do with some creative differences, especially pertaining to hero’s role.  A story-based film, this one has got a bigger role for the female lead.  This apparently has not gone down well with Varun Tej, who is now in a different league from the time Mukunda happened.

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