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Vedhika About her role in ‘Welcome to Central Jail’

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Vedhika About her role in 'Welcome to Central Jail'
Vedhika About her role in ‘Welcome to Central Jail’

After James and Alice, Vedhika is teaming up with her debut hero of Malayalam, Dileep for ‘Welcome to Central Jail’ once again. Being directed by Sundar Das, the film is said to be a jail comedy. Dileep will be seen as a Jail inmate and he takes on the punishments for petty crimes committed by others.

Vedhika will be seen as Radhika who is a journalist photographer-cum-videographer. Saying that she is technically challenged, Vedhika spilled beans about her role in this upcoming comedy riot. ‘I am not usually a techie person and I have no clue about how to use the camera equipment and all. But my role, Radhika is a simple girl from a middle class family but she is stylish and good at her profession. So, I made sure that I learn basic things about to how to handle the camera and some technicalities around it. It was a little confusing in the beginning but once I get a hold of it, it is cool’, she said.

In my first film Sringaravelan, I played a role named Radha. Now my characters name is Radhika. It rhymes with my name and I sense certain charm around it. Just like my first film, this is releasing or Onam too. I am very excited about it’, she added.

The film is being produced by Vyshakh Rajan under Vaishakha Cinema.

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