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Veeram Movie Review

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Veeram Movie Review


Veeram is an upcoming Indian epic historical drama film written and directed by Jayaraj. It is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, and is the fifth installment in Jayaraj’s Navarasa series. The film, which also takes inspirations from the Vadakkan Pattukal (Northern Ballads) of North Malabar region in Kerala tells the story of Chandu Chekavar (Kunal Kapoor), an infamous warrior in the 13th century North Malabar.

Veeram is simultaneously made in Malayalam, Hindi, and in English with the same title. Principal photographycommenced on 5 January 2016 in Thiruvananthapuram, where it was mostly shot, with other locations being Agra andAurangabad. The film premiered at the BRICS Film Festival on 2 September 2016 in New Delhi, and is scheduled for a theatrical release on 24 February 2017.

“Veeram” Movie Cast & Crew:

Director: Jayaraj
Produced by: Chandramohan D. Pillai, Pradeep Rajan
Screenplay by: Jayaraj
Starring: Kunal Kapoor, Divinaa Thackur, Shivajith Nambiar, Aaran
Music Director: Jeff Rona
Cinematography S. Kumar
Production company: Chandrakala Arts
Language: Malayalam, Hindi, English

“Veeram” Movie Story Line: 

Veeram is the adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Kunal plays the infamous warrior Chandu Chekavar, who lived in in the North Malabar during the 13th century taking inspiration from Vadakkan Pattukal (Northern Ballads) of North Malabar in Kerala. The movie, which deals with love, lust, deceit, revenge and treachery, also stars Divinaa Thackur, Shivajith Nambiar, Himarsha Venkatsam and Satheesh Menon in main roles.

The major credit for the movie surely goes to the technical crew – especially the CGI, sound, costume and art departments. The filmmaker had made it clear even before the movie’s release that the onus was on the technical department of the film rather than the cast. The backdrop of the duels and forts are splendidly rendered with special effects and the locations of Ajantha and Ellora caves add to the splendour of the movie.

The film’s dialogues are in the North Malabar slang and the movie itself is rooted in the area’s tradition with Jayaraj using Kalaripayattu, Theyyam and the oracles as elements while adapting Macbeth.

Where the movie suffers though is the lack of an engrossing and engaging screenplay, which is much required while telling a familiar story to a Malayali audience. While care has been placed on making the movie just 144-minute long, it is not gripping enough. However, there are some epic moments in the duels in the film that will remind many of the Hollywood film 300. And for a Malayalam movie to accomplish that is no mean feat.

Plus Points

Kunal Kapoor performance
Technical values

Minus Points

Promotion for the movie lags Rating:  3/5

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