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Veteran actor Pradeep Shakthi expired

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Pradeep Shakti, the actor-director of yesteryear, died in New York moments ago.  He acted in films like Guna, Chettu Kinda Pleader, Ladies Tailor, April Okati Vidudala, Aalapana, among the notable ones.He was born as Raja Vasireddy in Guntur.  Survived by wife, he was 60 years old.

He was an entrepreneur in US where he migrated 20 years ago.  Founding Baba Hut, a restaurant, which became more famous after Rajinikanth visited it years ago, he bit adieu to films.After selling off Baba Hut due to financial issues, he founded Gongoora Restaurant in Edison City.  Subramanyam for Sale was his last movie.The veteran hadn’t been around for many years but made a brief reappearance for Chintakayala Ravi after a long sabbatical.

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