Victorian Secrets

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Victorian Secrets

Victorian England ladies share a great part of it’s history, for both good and bad reasons. Irrespective of the fact that a lot of powerful women from the same legacy had created revolutionary changes in a lot of verticals, but they were under a lot of pressure, rules and regulations beneath the page folds. There were facts and there were fictions. A lot of stories and narrations had been exaggerating their life style and showing them totally helpless. Some of such assumptions that are not at all true..

The average lifespan isn’t that accurate

According to some old calculations, in 19th century people in England lived to an average age of 40 but the number isn’t really accurate. Due to some illness and malnutrition, kids used to die at a very young age and that ratio is quite high compared to todays. So, eventually the life span average used to be very low in number. But in the other case, the girls who survived their childhood often get to live the life till a ripe old age of 60’s and 70’s. The Victorians has anyway worked on their nutrition and medical care later to improve this situations. So, apparently it’s not so true that Victorian women used to die young.

They didn’t end up for Child Marriage always

True that the middle class girls used to get married a little younger than the working calls ones but not as young as we imagine. The average age for marriage is never lower than 21 for Victorian girls. In fact during 18th century, the average age for women to get married was 26 while the men used to get married when they are around 28.The pattern used to differ and used to depend upon the social and economic class of course.

They stopped marrying their cousins

I wouldn’t deny the fact that it was totally accepted and appreciated to get married to their first cousins in early 1800s and it was purely for their own social and financial benefits. The main reason is to keep the property stay in the same family and avoid changing hands. The other reasons is most of the time girls aren’t allowed to hang around out of family events. So, the cousins are so available and that’s all they get to meet. But later that generation, the marriages between cousins slowed down and girls started exploring the rest of the world and took their chances. The upper class still remained the same though, for same old reasons. If it rings any bell, Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood were first cousins so does Prince Albert and Queen Victoria too.

There is a lot more in their wardrobe other than some tight Corsets

Most of the ‘Getting Ready’ scenes of Victorian ladies in films show us a Torso with a Hoops skirt on it. A maid helping the lady to wear the corset and pulling the laces as tight as they can.. this is all kind of imaginary. It’s not always corsets and laces. Yes of course the fashion of wearing cloths of narrow waists and they’ve believed they give them a striking silhouette. But later there is a huge revolution that a lot of people felt it effects their health and they have moderated the style a little bit. There were some silly rumors that they were on an extreme practice to slim their waist and some have removed the ribs to get that shape. There was no such thing happened.

It’s not always pink for girls

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see a guy wearing pink? But will you believe if I say Pink used to be guy’s color and blue used to be girl’s in late 19th century! Well, the Victorians used to dress up the kids in white till they grow up till 6 or 7 years old. Not only that makes them look so sophisticated and also it’s easy to bleach the whites. And when they grow up, most likely girls used to wear pale blue most of the time and shades of pink used to the favorites for guys. Apparently, as years go by the colors has slowly swapped though!

Victorian women are the most beautiful, and powerful in history books. But there was a bad phase for them as well, before they turn out to be strong. But that’s not important. They’ve fought for rights and earned a lot of self-esteem for themselves.

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