Video Revelation : Rajamouli Copied Vijayashanthi movie

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S.S.Rajamouli is known for his high budget movies and he knows how to promote them in a bigger way,Rajamouli faced many criticisms from movie buffs that he tries to lift exact scenes from hit movies into his New ventures.

Vikramarkadu movie is one of the biggest hits in Ravitheja’s career ,Rajamouli was applauded for his directional skills in this movie for elevating action scenes and revenge drama into next levels,But a popular scene from Vikramarkaadu(2006) was copied from Vijayashanthi Hit movie Shambavi IPS(2003).When you watch out the below video you can find out the exact resemblance of scene in Vikramarkudu movie

This is not the first time Rajamouli facing this type of  embarrassing situations from social media Enthusiasts ,At the time of Eega too he ditched by many critics from In and out of industry.

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Rajamouli Vikramarkudu copied from Shambavi IPS movie:

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