Vidyut Jammwal now LEAKS audio of a drunk RGV calling Tiger Shroff a Transgender

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Vidyut Jammwal now LEAKS audio of a drunk RGV calling Tiger Shroff a Transgender



Filmmaker brands the duo ‘the biggest, greatest man’ and ‘the greatest woman’ respectively, only to apologise later for the ‘irritation caused’.

Ram Gopal Varma had posted a series of tweets mocking the actor and urging him to “learn machoism” from his actor-father Jackie Shroff. On Monday, the 55-year-old filmmaker began tweeting again stating that being a martial arts fan he is curious to know who is a better fighter, Tiger or Vidyut Jammwal. He went on to praise Tiger stating that he should challenge Vidyut to a “direct real fight” to prove to everyone that he’s the best. He was quick to add that the Commando actor “will never have the guts” to take on Tiger’s challenge.

Vidyut didn’t challenge Tiger to a fight. He did something better. He spoke to RGV and uploaded the conversation on Twitter with the caption “Forget the Shaolin Monk style, check out @RGVZoomin’s #drunkenmasterstyle.”

Vidyut leaked the audio recording on Twitter and Twitterati went ballistic.

But then, something went awry and Vidyut decided to speak to RGV. What happened next was shocking. While Vidyut was recording the whole conversation, a drunk RGV abused and insulted Tiger. He went to the extent of calling Tiger a woman and a transgender. He also tried to clarify that his tweets were more like a challenge to Tiger because he knew he won’t stand any chance in front of Jammwal.

This is not the first time that Ramu has spoken such derogatory words for Tiger. Earlier, while the star and his father Jackie Shroff remained silent about the entire issue, his mother Ayesha Shroff had expressed her vain over RGV’s comments. Now, the matter has escalated. While Vidyut has already taken the action by showing mirror to the director, we wonder how Tiger will take it this time.

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