Viedo Alert: Shruthi and Akshara Hassan did Face Swap and it is LMAO

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Kamal Hassan’s darling daughters Shruthi Hassan and Akshara Hassan are very close to each other. Shruthi love her little sister so much and a lot of time admitted that she is very protective about her. These young girls are way too talented and they’ll be busy doing some or the other thing always. But whenever they get a chance, these two cute cup cakes love to spend time with each. They tried a face swap app other and wondered that they do look similar. They’ve even posted a little video and that is hilarious. Have a look..

When you face swap with your sister and she behaves like a total thangachi ?

A video posted by @shrutzhaasan on

Silly but funny, isn’t it? By the way, did I tell you that Akshara Hassan is an assistant director for Sabaash Naidu? Stay tuned for more updates.

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