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‘Visaranai’ selected for Venice International Film Festival

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‘Visaranai’ has been selected for the Venice International Film Festival. The movie has been directed by the versatile director  Vetrimaaran. The movie is based on a Tamil novel called Lock Up. The novel was written by a Coimbatore auto driver,  M Chandrakumar alias Auto Chandran in 2006. It narrates the unforgettable part of his life. When he was 20 years of age, Chadran ran away from home and started working as a server in Guntuur in Andhra Pradesh. He got arrested after few days  on ‘case of doubt’ and the treatment meted out to him and others by the police is what he captured in Lock Up. He said that the 14 days he spent in the jail were the most horrendous days of his life.

He has not limited himself with just one novel.  He went on to write many other novels such as Boomiyai kolaikalam aakkum,  America and Kovaiyil Jeeva. Vetrimaran called up the novelist and spoke to him personally when he wanted to make his novel into a movie.


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