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Vishal confident about his victory

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Vishal who is currently contesting as the Nadigar Sangam secretarial candidate in a recent interview  said with great confidence that his side comprising of Nassar, Karthi, Ponvannan and Karunaas will win the forthcoming elections to be held on the 18th of October. Vishal made it clear that the Nadigar Sangam building complete with rehearsal hall, marriage hall, a state of the art preview theatre and all other amenities is his team’s priority.

The next agenda is to completely abolish the term ‘impoverished members’ as he would make the organization self sufficient. Vishal signed off by saying that though the teams (Sarathkumar-Radharavi) are divided in the elections, he is hopeful that they all would join together as a family once the results are announced and his team takes over the Nadigar Sangam.

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