Vishal tweets about the wrong rumors being spread on him

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The Nadigar Sangam Elections, 2015 reached a different level when  Vishal released proof of misappropriations by the incumbent members and for his part Sarathkumar has filed a criminal defamation complaint against Vishal. Vishal has been maintaining a stoic stand as far as the Nadigar Sangam is concerned and has clearly stated that he will not back down irrespective of whoever requests him.

This statement has been webbed up in a different version by some of the crooks in the industry and was blown out of proportion  by saying that  Vishal supposedly stated that even if the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Jayalalitha asks him he will not budge. Vishal has taken to twitter to clarify about this rumor.


I respect our honourable chief minister &I stand to correct. Hav neva told or conveyed anything about not respecting our cm s words.Not rite

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