VV Vinayak stunned with Akhil’s perfection

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Akkineni Akhil’s debut film Akhil  is going to hit the screens for Diwali amid huge expectations.While interacting with the media, director VV Vinayak stated that Akhil fainted on the sets of the film during the rehearsals for the introduction song. “Akhil didn’t eat much to be in shape and look good on screen.

He didn’t even drink water while shooting for songs and action episodes. As a result, he fainted on the sets. I sincerely appreciate his commitment and his craving for perfection,” said Vinayak. He further added onto say that he will be the next big star in Tollywood. Akhil is going to hit the screens in over 370 theaters in Nizam alone. This is perhaps the biggest launch for any actor in the history of Tollywood.

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