Watch: Pakistani man Brutally Thrashes Transgender Woman, goes Viral

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Watch: Pakistani man Brutally Thrashes Transgender Woman, goes Viral
Watch: Pakistani man Brutally Thrashes Transgender Woman, goes Viral


A video of Pakistani man beating up a transgender woman went viral on social media earlier this month. The video shows the man, flunk by his friends, whipping the woman with his belt while she is forced face down on a bed.

A Tribune report says the incident happened in Pakistan’s Sialkot area, and the culprit has been identified as Jajja Butt. Butt and four others have been arrested and an FIR has been lodged against 13.

The footage, shot on a phone, shows the ruthless man pushing aside an older woman and holding the transgender down with his foot as he whips her with a belt. The other men later step in and pull her salwar down.

“I was punishing him because he didn’t refrain from his bad habits, which I pointed out to him several times,” he said in an interview conducted while he was in police custody.

TransAction, a local transgender rights group, posted a video interview with another transgender woman who said she was present when the attack took place.

She said the gang members barged into a house where several transgender women were living, beating and torturing one of them for several hours and shaving the heads of others.

The transgender woman is said to have claimed that the man tortured her “over refusal to pay extortion money”. The gang reportedly has a track report of extorting money from transgenders across the city.

Butt, however, has a different story to tell. Speaking to Express Tribune, the culprit said it was a matter of “private nature”.

“She was my lover but was involved with other men,” he said. The man then says on camera that it is a good thing the video went viral on the Internet, because that way it would help end attacks against the transgender community.

On the other hand, another transgender woman who claims she was present during this attack describes the attack as a horrific, transphobic incident.

“We were beaten up and gang raped all night,” the transgender woman says in a video posted on Facebook. “They hit us with shoes, spat on our faces and made us drink their urine.”

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