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Watch: Shruti Haasan’s Unblushed Video | Be The Bitch

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Watch: Shruti Haasan's Unblushed Video | Be The Bitch
Watch: Shruti Haasan’s Unblushed Video | Be The Bitch


Actor Shruti Haasan has been subjected to online trolls and unfair criticisms several times. Recently, she was trolled by fans of Malayalam film Premam for reprise the role of Malar Teacher in the Telugu remake. What is worse, netizens trolled her even before watching her performance in the film.

But, should one let criticism and opinion of others influence his or her life? Hell no, says Shruti.

Shruti has come out with a powerful video narrative that redefines the word ‘b*tch’, which is generally used to insult girls. She asks not to be afraid to be a b*tch. She also explains the salient features of a b*tch, which are Genus: selfishus. Species: Ambitious.

“B*tch is the verbal eye roll you make to classify any woman who is not your cup of tea because she refuses to pour it,” she gives a new powerful meaning to the word in the video.

Have you ever noticed and paid attention to the woman you call a Bitch? She’s a woman who’s too difficult for you to handle. She’s a woman who has the balls to object to your opinion.

So next time when someone calls you a Bitch, own it.

Artist: Shruti Haasan
Produced by: Culture Machine
Director, Editor: Akanksha Seda
Exceutive Producer and Co writer: Sofia Ashraf
Assistant Director: Apurva Gabhe
Director of Photography: Vinod Chabra
Production Head: Amit Singh
Production Department: Santosh Jadhav, Raju Tamrakar, Amrita Chabbria
Art: Durga Prasad Prince Verma
Sound : Rahul Shinde
DI: Amit Mishra
Promotional Designs: Snehal Ladke
Celebrity Lead: Mehul Vadodaria, Ishita Gandhi
Marketing and PR: Disha Anand, Upkar Singh Khubber,Pooja Nair, Shwetal Joshi, Roshni Raj, Harsh Padhya, David D’souza

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