Watch: Vidya Balan Posts a Heartfelt Video on Father’s Day

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Watch: Vidya Balan Posts a Heartfelt Video on Father’s Day



The actress who has never shied away from expressing her opinions is celebrating the Father’s Day in a unique way. In a special Father’s Day video featuring her dad, the actress pays a tribute her father for always standing by her and being indifferent to her gender while supporting her big Bollywood dream. And by doing that, she is also making a strong statement on gender equality. 

However, in a recent video that Vidya shared with her fans on Instagram on the occasion of Father’s Day, it’s revealed that her father encouraged her to take up the role.

Vidya recalled a moment after her father watched the movie and says, “He clapped, in front of everyone. When they said that to me…I felt like -Ok, now it doesn’t matter what the world says. That vote of confidence…was priceless.

“There are no macho ideas of, you know a man cannot cry, a man has to protect at all times. I’ve seen my father weak, I’ve seen my father vulnerable,” Vidya added. The actor also said, “I wish every girl in the world had a father like you Appa. Priya and I are really blessed and fortunate to have a father who’s just let us be ourselves. We are because you are.” The concept of the video was given by Farhan Akhtar.

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