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What Charmme did for these two girls is amazingly sweet

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This 29 year old Punjabi kudi is here for over 14 years now and she spent some amazing years doing some memorable films in Telugu Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada. Though Charmme Kaur did transform herself as a Telugu girl over years, her long beautiful hair always reminds her ethnicity elegantly. But this Mantra actress decided to sacrifice it for a very good cause.

Remember the poll she opened a couple of months ago asking if she should get a new hair cut done!

According to TOI, Charmme has chopped her hair and ordered 2 wigs to be made with that 18 inches long hair. Getting into details, the Charmme met a couple of girls when her friend said they are her huge fans. She learned that both the girls are fighting with Cancer, when she met them. They are undergoing chemotherapy and lost hair for that. Throughout the conversation with their favorite star, they have been touching her hair and praising it.

So, once she is back from there, the first thing she did is to call her Hair stylist and chopped her hair and ordered a couple of wigs with it to donate them to the girls. She said she is going to meet them soon and gift them the wigs. That is all we managed to find out for now! But isn’t it amazing to see an actress go to that extending to get smile on her fans face!

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