What Happened to Alia Bhatt.?

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Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, who is making headlines with her bikini shot in “Shaandaar“, is now worried about her immense weight loss.

The actress worked too hard to get a perfect bikini figure and in the process, she seemed to have shed too much weight. In an interview with a leading daily, she revealed her concern when asked about her weight loss.

The competitive glamour world always keeps a tab on the stars and their body shapes. The fashion police are hard to ignore as one bad attire can take away your tag of being the fashion icon. Alia who was chubby earlier, has lost tremendous weight recently. The newbie who is flaunting her magnificent bikini body in ‘Shaandaar’ has lost a few pounds to carry off that striking attire with élan.

But it seems like Alia is now getting complaints as to she has lost more weight than necessary which is making her look unhealthy! Yes! The beautiful star has been hearing from a few near and dear ones that she has lost tremendous weight which is not needed. The following opinion is making Alia worrisome.

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