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What is happening between CBFC and film makers?

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CBFC Vs Film Makers
CBFC Vs Film Makers

 ‘Censor Certification’ has become phases of drama these days. I am not blaming people from any one end. This is happening from both the sides. Each time there is a film goes for certification, Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is taking a step forward by not just sticking to it’s job which is certifying the film but suggesting cuts and changes. Which is definitely irking the film makers. Especially the ones who are more into dark cinema and the film makers who are inspired by and capture the crime and current situations in society. After the completion of all the works, the end product will be submitted to
Udta PunjabCBFC which will be watched by a jury and will be given a certification according to the guidelines. ‘A’ will be strictly for Adults, ‘U/A’ will be accessible for kids as well but only in the supervision of adults, ‘U’ is universal i.e., for everyone and ‘S’ is restricted for selected class. As simple as that! But this isn’t ending so simply these days.

CBFC started holding the film from releasing. They are not giving any certification to the films till they make the marked changes. That is making the film makers take legal steps as the date announced will be very important, especially for the low budgeted films. They’ll have to calculate a lot of aspects such as, other films releasing around the slated date and available theaters for the week, etc. This is one side.

On the other end, some of the film makers are taking an advantage of the whole straits by other film makers and demanding CBFC for ‘U’ certification and if there is any objections raised, they are creating drama and using it as publicity. Some are sitting and protesting in front of regional offices and some are releasing nude videos to troll their judgments. Some are coming in front of media and giving hints of the scenes that are being objected by CBFC (mostly to excite the audience), after a couple of days filing a re-evaluation in court. This stint is becoming so horrible that certification might become a joke soon, which isn’t a good thing to happen in today’s society.

There are controversies against CBFC that some of the board members take bribes in order to clear the films with ‘U’ certificates. Some of them are being influenced by the political pressure as filming the social situations will be indirectly blaming the inefficiency of system. If the board is not being transparent, the film makers are forced to use tantrums to get their films certified.

Films can be publicly exhibited in India only after they have been certified by the Central Board ofkathakali-movie-image-297522 Film Certification. According to what they mentioned in their website, the Board shall scrutinize the titles and dialogues of the films carefully and ensure that they are not provocative, vulgar, offensive or violative of any of the mentioned guidelines. The board will have a Chair person who is appointed by the Central Government and some board members in the main office and for regional boards as well. There will be people who worked in film industry and people who served government and from different verticals will be appointed as board members. A mix of ideologies will be watching a film together and deciding a certificate to it. We know it isn’t that easy.

But how far is it acceptable to let the board members rip off the artistic freedom of film makers and involving too much by suggesting (some times forcing) changes and cuts? And how is it a good step for the film makers to use it as a chance to create a spectacle out of it? Where is it leading to? Trust me, this isn’t curious but frightening.

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