What is in with Pooja Gandhi and Young Director ??

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Pooja Gandhi‘s who have recently celebrated her 31st birthday was in new news all together. Sources reveals she have celebrated her birthday in an all different way but with an Young director of Sandalwood. Also it’s touted to be that this lady is in love with the Young director who is 4 years younger to him and even their marriage is just around the corner and awaiting the release of their new film Abhinetri, which Pooja has also produced. The Young Director here is none other than Abhinetri movie’s director Satish Pradhan.

But Pooja breaks the silence this morning and confirms as “I am a woman and when I need to travel to places outside Bangalore, I need someone with me. Since he is the director of my film, it is but natural that he accompanies me. It helps promote the film and we have had to discuss about the film a lot the last few months.

It is not just because I am also producing Abhinetri but also because of the court case which we finally won. So travelling together does not mean we are dating,” Pooja Gandhi said. Pooja says that though they are good friends now, they have never discussed the issue of marriage. “He is a very good person. Since we are close to each other, the rumors of love and marriage may have cropped up. Despite being close friends, we have never discussed the topic of love or marriage between us.We has a difference in age. The rumors will no way affect our friendship,” says the actress.

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