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What’s Cooking Between Anjali and this Hero?

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What’s Cooking Between Anjali and this Hero?
What’s Cooking Between Anjali and this Hero?

Though she is a Telugu by birth, Anjali became more famous in Tamil Film Industry with films like Kattradhu Thamizh, Angadi Theru, Engaeyum Eppothum and more. We see her now and then in Telugu films but Tamil is where she has a strong base. By the way, when Engaeyum Eppothum was trending we heard a lot of news that hero Jai and Ajnali as close to each other off-screen as well. The rumors went on saying they broke up after a while.

After all these years, we sense a patch up between the couple. Yesterday (16th June), Anjali celebrated her 27th Birthday and a lot of her friends from Telugu, Tamil and Kannada industries have wished her happy birthday. But a wish from Jai was standing out so does the reply from Anjali. Have a look.

Don’t you think my doubt is valid? And there is more..

The Engaeyum couple is going to romance on screen once again. According to reports, Anjali and jai signed a Horror Drama being directed by debutante Sinish. The newbie film maker is very happy when he sees the response for the announcement of Anjali and jai working for a movie together. He said this enthusiasm will remain all over the film. And how would we not show you the tweet by Anjali that shows all her excitement?

So, it’s a sign up for another romantic and horror thriller. We are all ears for more updates.

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