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Who attained ‘ Uppendra 2’ Telugu rights ?

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R Srinivas of RS Productions has attained the movie rights for Uppi 2 in Telugu. He was the same person who distributed Baahubali in Kannada.

Upppi 2 is wriiten and directed by Upendra who is playing the lead role in the movi. Nallamalepu Bhalu is the producer for the Telugu release.Kristina Akheeva and Parul Yadav are the lead actresses in the film. Music has been given by Gurukiran.

REcently released posters of the movie are already creating a lot of buzz in the Kannada industry and Telugu industry as well. Uppendra has a lot of fan following in Andhra and Telangana because of ehich the movie is being released in both the Telugu states. Heres wishing the team of Uppi 2 all the very best.

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