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Who is the lead actress in “Robo 2” ?

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Its a known fact that Baahubali has created records not just in India but oversees as well. Now one of the leading directors of South has taken the initiative to start Robo 2 with Rajini Kanth. The movie is being planned on a huge scale with the cast and crew of the film will be brought from different parts of the world to match up to Hollywood standards.

The estimated budget of the movie is 275 crores and will stand as a sequel to the highly successful film Robo. At present Rajini is busy shooting for Ranjith’s ‘Kabali’ and will finish up the project by the end of December. He has already given his dates to Shankar starting from January for  Robo 2 .

Initially Chiyan Vikram and Amir Khan were offered the role of a villain in the film but they turned it down. So Shankar is planning to rope in a Hollywood actor for the role of an antogonist in  the  movie. Icing on the cake for the movie is Katrina Kaif who will be seen opposite Rajini Kanth as a leading actress for Robo 2.

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